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-Inner Child-

We will stop being old and we will become children again, we will stop being small and we will start being big....




Incarnation, womb and inner child


        Through transpersonal psychology we will approach our "forgotten child"... forgotten by whom? by us...

        From how our childhood was to what we remember there is a great abyss, somehow we have created an image of what we were, of what we lived.

        If our parents had listened our wounds, our laments, how we explain our childhood, they would surely be surprised, after more than 10 years of working and researching on this subject, it is amazing how far the truth that beats inside of ourselves from the idea created in the memory records is... the inner child work is not dealt with a "poor misunderstood child", who stopped laughing, playing, who got disappointed by parents and an environment that did not know how to understand and guide him along the path that nowadays, as an adult, he considers to be the right one.


      Working the inner child is a deeper work, it goes deeper into the child who stopped seeing angels or fairies. Working the inner child starts with a reincarnation understanding program, how we choose our parents, a society, a family to get back to Earth, it is from there where the family network ceases to be a situation where "victim-executioner" mourning predominates. It is start understanding about a birthing and childhood that is part of our growth as human beings. Obviously there is a truth, an inner truth of how childhood, family ideas, what happened and what was lived there, is conceptualized... but behind that truth, which has as many ways of being seen or being  expressed as many people are involved, the real truth is hidden, the one that still today  can keep an adult lost from his way and purpose of life.


       The principle of our knowledge in this healing program, is for what of our incarnation, what those parents and blood family were for, the connection with the so-called law of Karma, action-reaction. Undoubtedly what we learned is what nowadays makes us "executioners and victims" in our currently circumstances, we still do not understand, we still keep doing  (even those who move away from their childhood roots) ... the same things, ways of thinking and actions that we complained about.


        Innocence cannot return if it is not from a new consciousness about the old thinking views, we must clearly first learn to unlearn family ways, but something greater ... What have we done? What have we built? What have we become? Why is it still good for us to blame others? What is preventing us from being physically and emotionally responsible for our lives?


        The work of the inner child, is to go further inside, until we reach the maternal womb, to create a new gestation from ourselves, to grow an internal "father" and "mother" who knows how to give this "child" what is needed to develop a higher awareness ... in this growth, we will discover that maybe sometimes we don't treat ourselves better than those who "hurt" us, we will discover that the forgotten child, can be a resigned adult, a narcissistic adult, an adult who can't develop as a self-confident person?


       Wounds must be healed, an inside crying need to be listened, comforted, cared... we will learn to unlearn, to learn to remember what, in a space between lives we chose to be lived and be showed on Earth...


       Remember, is going back to the heart, once there, fear energy comes into understanding to achieve love ... love for what we lived, love for oneself.


       Playing is the easiest language for a child, back to play is initiate us in a life style where magic is already visible and with it, the greatness of building the life that we really want to live, by the hand of our inner child we will find again the lost way, the in-build skills to be developed in this incarnation.


       Are we what we dream to be?... Are we what they dreamed for us?... Are we what pleases others?... the inner child work is discover, in a family patterns game and memories of other awakened lives, what it is that we are... once we know that we are, the umbilical cords are released, giving way to the new human being  who has incarnated to keep on an evolution and consciousness path, not to live lost in a generational saga that takes him away from his own Divinity.....





- The space between lives

- Reincarnation principles

- The "chosen" family

- Amniotic fluid value

- Our relationship with water up to connecting with air, union with spirit.

- The awakening of other "I's" (past lives),

- Principles and values development.

- The Path of a Creator Being

- Childhood and teens.

- The seven cycles

- The oblivion’s waters

- The Horus’s rebirth

- Blood family - Souls family.

- Heart-mind

- Sun child, moon child, stars child and Earth child.

- Four Elements child

- The child and number 7

- Merging number 8 and 9

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