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Transpersonal Psychology Training

DANZARTE, is excitement, reunion with the passion that makes it possible through movement to meet you with your life ... connect with the body, mind and unify them through emotions, creating a dance that flows with the beating of breath and brings closer to the soul ...

Knowing the body inside and out, to get into connection with those physical parts that any mirror does not show and that are of utmost importance, some called

vital organs and guardian glands... waking up to the rhythm of a speed that takes us to our original vibration and connects us from top to bottom... from bottom to top... with all our bodies, fields and levels...


DANZARTE, means approaching us to the beauty that cast the music of our essence, pleasure and expression that allows us to find new forms of reflection, meditation and connection with ourselves, that dance beyond the shame that blocks any word ... a link between body-mind and emotions ...


DANZARTE, means rediscovering the pleasure of seducing ourselves again, falling in love with ourselves, uniting feminine and masculine... it is the beginning that gives us the possibility to fecundate and gestate us, integrate all our parts, and thus, give birth to ourselves transforming the vital energy, the elevation of a "kundalini" that connect us with the spirit...


DANZARTE, means going to the appointment with your "Art", going to the meeting of that "unique" way of creating that every human being brings in its reveal the sleepy memories, taking from there, all the knowledge that sleeps of other bodies, other times...


DANZARTE, means going through yourself though time to non-time, and rescue yourself, unblocking criteria and thoughts that knot the energy system... dancing with the chakras and thus get into a new order to be the only choreographer who lead your dance, the dance that you are going to perform and show in your trip to the Earth...


DANZARTE, means love, to flow to the rhythm of a sound and light that takes you into your truly vibration, the one that takes you away from negativity, generational chains, to follow a rhythm between tears and laughter that makes you lighter, simpler, more agile, so that you can express at any time what you "are"... the body speaks, and through the language of dancing, everything that brings it closer or further from its healing will be showed ... a body psychotherapy that gives the use of Art, as a therapeutic tool, which allows working and access to symptoms and somatization hard to express with words..


DANZARTE, means music, own notes that only you are going to be able to dance... emotions that follow a channel between giving and receiving, taking you to meet the love towards yourself...

The musical accompaniment by Chema Santos, is for the person to connect with his own vibration, frequency and consciousness.


Training aimed to any type of audience, which is in tune with a different way of understanding and living the therapy...





Training: Compound of 12 modules (7 days each module), plus Master module (7 days)


First year : Modules 1 to 4

Second year: Modules 5 to 8

Third year: Modules 9 to 12

Fourth year: Master of 7 days accredited as a therapist in Transpersonal Psychology.









- The physical body

- The emotional body

- The mental body

- The etheric body

- The chakras

- Breathing techniques

- Conscious and dynamic meditation

- Archetypes (The Book of Thot)

- Collective Unconscious (Karl Jung)

- Body language

- Cellular memory

- Ancestral dances (Hathor and Dendera) (Shamanism and medicinal wheel)

- Isis and Osiris

- Free Dancing (Isadora Duncan)

- The Flower of Life (Sacred Egyptian Geometry)

- Egyptian Reiki

- Internal sound

- Music: vibration, frequency and consciousness

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