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Holy Pilgrimages

Is called searching, I like it better to call it "Follow your calling"

       An inner voice that marks us a place, that reminds us that everything in life is a relationship... those are the places, places that have a relationship with those who go...


       Going on pilgrimage is to undertake a journey towards a new horizon, where the heart guides, going on pilgrimage is a blind Faith that will give everything, that will soothe your hunger, your thirst, shelter you... going on pilgrimage is to look ahead, not to let the Ego send reasons from the reasoning that it understands little about inner emotion....


       Going on pilgrimage is to return to a place where there is a piece of the puzzle of your destiny, to return where at some point something was lost, it was not finished... to go on pilgrimage is to feel the voice of the soul... when you are already a pilgrim you know that the world does not exist to know it, the world of your incarnation is not to travel and discover beautiful places, it is to walk them, feel them, connect with their aura, discover to discover yourself ... follow a music that brings you closer to the next step, that will give you beyond the desire of the ego, a reflection of yourself .....from what you were, are and will be.



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