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Training courses

       Our Trainings are developed from the old Initiatic Schools, they are adapted to a study program based on Art, achieving in this way they are experiential and artistic.   


        Transpersonal language is born from something that goes beyond what we understand as language nowadays, we speak about a part of our Being that communicates itself through symbols, archetypes, colors, sounds, numbers ....


      It seems that the principle of "knowing" is to keep looking outside for knowledge, so our curriculum is based primarily on "knowing" oneself. Once the person knows what is in his personality and beyond, it only remains for him to remember what is the inherent knowledge he brings in this new incarnation, to develop it and to direct it towards his life purpose. Learning from inside out....


         Our School approaches through Art, a new way of therapy where the Ego (or personality) is educated not to wish, nor to aspire to know from the reasoning, but to give permission to the cellular memories to open the new way, where each individual by himself can take his own knowledge.


         No one learns to write before speaking, therefore, carry on "studying" a language so distant from our day to day does not allow us to reach the essence that the Initiatic Schools transmit, it becomes one more file of "knowing" where most of the time this "knowing" does not know how to "do" it. Once the person connects with his knowledge, he puts it into practice through his own experiences, having applied it, a transformation is created in the individual, and then, he can say... "I don't know why I know it, nor how I know it, I just know that I know it"....


         Pioneering therapeutic formations that do not forget that the most important thing is to unlearn, once the mastery is taken out, all the formats, codes, criteria, beliefs adopted in our personalities, and thus, at the same time, approaching us to the possibility of growing again following the "silver cord", and enter into a knowledge to create us in the image and likeness of our Divinity, through the inner voice of the inner Master, with whom we are going to reconnect once again with the purpose of life.


        We love Art because that is what we aim ourselves, that every human can be able to create, design and turn his life into a beautiful work of art. Being able to design ourselves opens the door for us to sculpt our lives from that Creator Being that we are.


        An itinerant study program, following quantum physics, where knowing is not gathering information, but knowing how to apply it, a self-esteem humanity, which knows its energy field and learns to remember that each and every one of us has a destiny, a place in time, born in peace, when competitiveness ceases to value, the fear of losing... is the rebirth to the world of Love. Reverence and gratitude to incarnation.

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