Spiritual workshops in Avalon heart

         Avalon is an inner labyrinth door that takes you deepest of yourself, 

         Avalon is a walk through a lake mists covered that open up when ego is surrendered to the soul...

         Avalon is the world of the 8 fairies who hope to teach the mysteries of the elemental beings.

         Avalon keeps the sword that every Goddess warrior needs to fight her internal battles, the sword light, the fire sword....

         Avalon is the cradle of Priestesses who guard the presence of the Goddess...

         Avalon, magical island of apple trees.

         Cozy land for those pilgrims who wish to remember and return the feminine to The Earth...

         Many will come to Glastonbury, but not all of them will get into Avalon.....




        I first came to Glastonbury in this incarnation in 1999, I´ve been brought here for that whisper that Avalon emanates to all those who are awakened the memory of the Goddess on Earth ...


       I will never forget the sensation, a overturning in my heart annulled any reasoning that my mind could say of that place... something I had found, with something I had connected, I wanted to become a Priestess!! and thus I was formed as a priestess of the Goddess.


Taking the Egyptian initiation of the mysteries of the Goddess Isis as a reference, I prepared myself for the initiation as a priestess of Avalon... in 2002, when my preparation program at the Egyptian School of Hermetic Orders had finished, I was able to melt with the glance of Glastonbury... in the "Chalice Well", looking at the well, I said, sure they were listening to me... "I don't know when, but I will live here"... I felt that they answered me... ... "when the time is right"...


        The proper time seems to be now, nowadays I can fulfill those words that I once cried in the sacred well... and it is from there, where my heart as that month of September 1999 returns to beat with force, long time has passed since then, a long personal and professional haul, drives me to have the feeling that makes me create a beautiful program in Spanish speaking for all those who wish to approach, (as I once did) to the awakening of the feminine.... men and women, united in a brotherhood, since it is not true (as sometimes is believed, that the world of the Goddess is only for women), the Goddess awakens all those who remember her psalm, all those who know that she is everywhere, all those who have had the faith to know that they could not be erased from the face of the Earth, workshops from the spirit that beats, where we "live" a beautiful transpersonal experience in the heart chakra of the earth, and be able to reencounter the legend, the archetypes that are keys to get into our memory... A world from above, raising from below.


        The moon´s world, the beautiful silver sphere that rules the internal tides and emits magic... encounters that turn into songs, blooming the essence that opens the mist of Avalon... It wasn't easy for me to find in Spanish speaking everything I would have wished for, that's why I feel there's so much to tell, so much to say, so much to live.... The Therapeutic Art School, now settled down in Glastonbury, begins its new program here, a new stage has been opened for this School, a new wheel between Fire, Earth, Air and Water.... to the sound of drums let´s learn to remember what is to be a Goddess Warrior on Earth.....


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