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Around Brigit´s flame

      We met from January 30 to February 4, 2019, around Brigit's flame!


      We celebrated Imbolc and thus we approach to the womb of the Earth...the womb of our roots! At the half-way between winter and spring, in the northern hemisphere...Where the first flowers begin to bloom, after the vacuum of Yule!

Glastonbury opens the Avalon mist to, united illuminating us from the inner light edge, we can sit in the heat of the fire and visualize our abundance circle where, "dreaming" is already "dreaming", "dreaming" is already "creating" and "creating" is already the possibility of being able to show our new wealth in our life.

Inmaculada Izquierdo Chalice Well.jpg



The alignment of mind and heart making our new creation fruit gestation!





DAY 1...30/01/2019


Welcome wheel...

"Talking to the fire"

Considering the wounded female. 

Preparing for our healing. 


DAY 2...31/01/2019


Ascent to "Wearyall Hill", where we will begin the making of the “power wand" of any men and women wizards. Entering each os of them in their colors ... working with the chakras and the energy system. Getting started in self-healing.

Exercises of ritualization and practice in Brigit's Room, and thus to be able to connect with the "Emerald Heart"!


DAY 3...01/02/2019


Under the Tor hill we will feel the energy of the crystal cave (now closed), entering to venerate the White Spring. 

Knowledge of the water element and how influences in our body and our cells (likely of bathing). 

Introducing the Avalon Lady and her priestesses, guardians of the vibration of the place.

We will continue working in the Brigit Room with ritualizations and practices about emotions and how they influence us.

Evening  "Ritual de Imbolc".

Joining the four elements in Brigit's bonfire.


DAY 4...02/02/2019


"Garden of the Chalice"

Merging with the Holy Grail.

The principles of the Priesthood of Isis and, from there, the "Christic Cup" that brings us closer to Mary Magdalene and the “ Fleur-de-lis”. Living masculine and feminine circle in the "Vesica of Pisces".

Working in Brigit's Room, “dualities" practices and rituals.


DAY 5...03/02/2019


Ascent to the hill of Tor, living the Archangel Michael and Santa Maria telluric line. Knowing the first steps of initiation as Goddess warrior.

Working in Brigit's Room, the Light sword and the Fire sword.

Living us between practices and rituals from the shadow and the Soul. 

In the evening, Closing Ritual, sharing altogether the beginning of the Self-healing path!



Brighde Room

Goddess House

Magdalene Street 

Glastonbury BA6 9EJ


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