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 "It is simple, it is only a matter of learning to remember, it is then when the human being understands, that he lives a series of experiences in different bodies, in a single soul´s life, at that moment, the desire for therapy begins to be transformed into a longing to rescue the dormant knowledge, those who give the purpose of life key and give the power of self-healing".

Immaculate Izquierdo.


      With more than 20 years of experience in the transpersonal therapy world, therapist and trainer, writer, and researcher... trained in several techniques with different teachers from different countries, although most of her training was done in Cuba. Regressive therapy, constellations, Kabbalah, shamanism, numerology, bioenergetics, astrology, Mayan astrology... Initiated by the hermetic schools in the mysteries of Isis and Osiris, and the the eye of Horus awakening...  master in Egyptian Reiki, her studies on Thot's book lead her to use the Tarot as a book of wisdom, approaching through them to the study of the archetypes and collective unconscious of Karl Jung, Priestess of Isis, of Avalon, she undertakes from there a great work through her trainings and therapies on the awakening of the feminine in the human being, the return of the Goddess Warriors...


      Graduated in philosophy, transpersonal psychology, metaphysics... she focuses all these ways, in creating her own methodology, unifying it, "The internal staging" is born, creating Danzarte© (methodology registered by Inmaculada Izquierdo), a complete tool where alchemy is the base of self-healing...


         Inmaculada Izquierdo gives courses and trainings in different countries all over Europe, at the same time that she takes groups to Sacred places... for some time now, due to her busy schedule, individual therapies are limited, always on request.


       Inmaculada Izquierdo accompanies in a therapeutic formative process, respecting the "tempos" that every human being needs. In a masculine/feminine integration dance...

Inmaculada Izquierdo interview

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